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Hello, again Parents,
Yes it is that time of the year. The students' preparation for LEAP. We will be in intense learning and recalling skills taught throughout.  Please assist your child when and if necessary. I will give them and post websites that will help them with the various skills taught and need to practice.
Also, this week, we will be engaged in the Geography  Bee. Work with them with the questions (makeup games, reward them with correct answers) just get involve and help.
If you have any questions please contact me immediate
Please use the following website for this week
Math Grade 5

Gift Swapping

Happy Holidays
Sorry I omitted the cost for the gift swapping activity. Gift purchase will be a minimal of $5.00. Students may bring in the gifts starting Monday.
 Remember the monies for the Christmas Party ($5.00) is due Wednesday. 
L. Morton

5A Christmas Party

5A Christmas Celebration
Date Friday-December 21
To supply food and drinks each student that will be attending the Christmas party is asked to contribute $5.00.  Due  12/18
Fried chicken
Ham sandwiches
Christmas Cupcakes
Assorted Candy 
Drinks (fruit)
Fruit Tray*
*If enough funds are collected
Gift Swapping - The students that will participate is asked to purchase a unisex gift. Only those students bringing a unisex gift will receive a gift.
Any questions, please contact me.
L. Morton


December 14 - Written portions of the Math and Social Studies 2nd quarterly
finals are due. (Constructive Responses-Math) and (Finding the New Trade Route-Northwest Passage-Social Studies) NO LATE PAPERS will be accepted.
December 18-20 - Administer 2nd quarterly finals
December 20 - Christmas Pageant
December 21- Christmas Mass-Homeroom Christmas Party.

Assignments/quizzes for the Month of December

Hello Parents,
Happy Holidays to you.  Let's get these errands out of the way before the Christmas Holiday. Please keep an eye on the calendar for school's important date.
Attached in this post is
     a.  A writing project w/rubric  See Attached
     b. Information for the Social Studies study guide
     c. Information on the Math study guide  See Attached
        Will receive a "take home corrected response" work sheet. This               will part of the quarterly test on Friday 10/7  
     d. quiz dates
The social studies study guide can be found in the Practice book pg 29-30.  The test will be made up from this guide.
Quiz dates   Math-Monday 12/10      Social Studies-12/11 

Writing Report        Finding the New Trade Route      Due: December 14, 2018


Students’’ report should describe what the Northwest Passage is and why it was important to European explorers. The report should discuss some explorers who searched for the Northwest Passage. Possible points mentioned might include

  • The Northwest Passage was seen as an important trade route between Europe and Asia
  • Many explorers searched for it, including Giovanni da Verrazano, Jacques Cartier, and Henry Hudson.
Math Study Guide
          Skills include   1. Order of Operation   2. Place Value. 3. Comparing Decimal 4.Rounding Decimals   5. Adding and Subtracting Decimals
S.S. Rubric will send copies home.
L. Morton


Week of Nov 26
Monday-On Your Own TextBook p 58 #1-6
Tuesday-Complete pg 116 textbook
Wednesday=On Your Own Text Book #10-19
Thursday-p 59 IXL G-2
Continue studying study guide
 Remember Math tutoring will begin on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27. The first 10 students that return their signed form will be accepted.
There are 3 slots reminding for 5th graders. Students will receive an acceptance letter tomorrow.

5A Math and Social Studies

November 25
Hoping each and everyone had a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.
I apologize for not posting any holiday work, but the students received a valid study guide for social studies. The information provided will be used for the weekly test on Friday (11-30).
The Math decimal place value test will be given on Wednesday. Students were given the assignment to practice IXL (G1-G4) during the Thanksgiving break.
My report indicated there are 5 students that have not login into IXL. I will conference with these students on tomorrow.  The test is designed to that of IXL program  ( Each student has their username and password. 
Again, thanks to my parents for your usual cooperation and ongoing participation in your child education.
L. Morton

These are the items needed for the Mission Thanksgiving this year.
PLEASE SEND  Dateline is Friday

Math and Social Studies Quiz

Hello Parents,
The last 2 weeks have been a busy week but learning has been taking place.  I must inform you that a quiz will be on Friday, November 9, 2018. The notes and reading from Chapter 3 - Social Studies - pages 112-125. Please have your child reread these pages at home.
Math will be quizzed on decimal pace value pages 104-112.

Project Due Date

Please disregard the October 27 due for the social studies project. This is a Sunday.  Due date is Monday, October 29th.
Thanks a Bunch

Project SS Exploration

Hi Parent(s)
First, THANKS to each parent that was able to find time to attend the Report Conference on Thursday evening. Your turnout in numbers and the conference was awesome. I want you to know I enjoy teaching your child every day.
Find attached is the guideline and rubric for the Social Studies project.  Any questions, please contact me.
Thanks again,
L. Morton 
Homework Assignment


time line with the people and events  as we do each lesson in the chapter.

Exploration and Technology

Project: European Explorer 127Chart

Due October 29. Please see website for more information and rubric

Practice Book Pg 23

Write About It pg 119