Resurrection of Our Lord Elementary School

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The distinctive purpose of Catholic schools is to proclaim the Gospel message, to build community, and to educate. The primary goal of the instructional program is to provide learning experiences which are conducive to developing students’ faith formation, virtues, character, knowledge, understanding, and skills, necessary for the student’s spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural, and physical development. Curriculum and instruction must, therefore, be integrated with the message and love of Jesus Christ. Constant referral to the Archdiocese of New Orleans and the Resurrection of Our Lord School standards may be necessary in developing a true, integrated curriculum and in verifying academic excellence.


The curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, Louisiana State and the Archdiocese of New Orleans Grade Level Expectations.


The Common Core State Standards are more rigorous, more focused and more relevant to the long-term success of students in school and beyond.


  • More Rigorous: Common Core State Standards are internationally-benchmarked, ensuring Louisiana students are prepared to enter college and compete with their peers around the world for high-wage jobs in the increasingly competitive global economy.
  • More Focused: Common Core State Standards are fewer and more focused, providing students with more time to gain a greater depth of knowledge on core concepts that allow them to master increasingly complex material. 
  • More Relevant: Common Core State Standards are more relevant to what students will need to know to succeed in the next grade and eventually in life after graduation.