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Special Programs

Support Services - Title I Resources

Title I services are provided by Catapult Learning to those students who qualify, as follows:


Academic Assistance

Catapult Learning provides academic assistance through the use of Catapult teachers and a prescribed program. Students that participate will attend during their auxiliary classes.


School Counseling

These services are designed to enhance a student’s school performance. Students may be referred by teachers and administration. Parental permission is required. Students will be referred to outside professionals if they need long-term counseling.


Family Connections

Catapult Learning also provides assistance to parents by providing workshops, newsletters and one-to-one correspondence. Families may be referred by teachers and administration. Families will be referred to outside agencies and professionals when special needs arise.


Speech Therapist

Remediation Skills

After School Tutorial Classes


Individual Needs Committee (INC)

This committee consists of teachers and administration. It helps to identify and meet the individual needs of students that may have social, emotional, behavioral, or academic difficulties. Students may be referred to the Individual Needs Committee by a parent, teacher, or the administration. The committee meets with the child’s teachers and parents to gather information and make recommendations for student improvement. Occasionally students will be referred to outside professionals. If a student has a serious disability, he or she may be asked to find another program.

Early Childhood Development Program
The Nonpublic Schools Early Childhood Development Program provides low-income families the opportunity to  attend state-approved private preschools and child care centers. Families of students receiving funding through the NSECD program must meet the TANF eligibility guidelines (i.e. a family's earned income may not exceed 185 percent of the federal poverty level).  For more information please contact school 504-243-2257.

Special Education

Resurrection of Our Lord School does not provide special education services or facilities. We are only required to make minor adjustments in our program to attempt to accommodate whatever special needs your child may have and that the nature and extent of such minor adjustments is within the sole discretion of the principal. The school does provide speech therapy during the school day through Orleans Parish for those students who qualify.